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Karma Classes in Jersey

Pupils of Monte Christo School

A note from Grace and Simon Hurry

In September 2017 we packed up our lives in Grand Cayman and embarked upon a month long, intensive Ashtanga yoga teacher training programme in Ostional, a remote town in Nicaragua. It was something we had been threatening to do for a while, and we had worked hard to feel ready to take on the physical demands that the course would entail.

The yoga was challenging, but rewarding, and we were very lucky to share the experience with people who are now great friends for life.

Something we did not expect to gain from a yoga teacher training course was having our eyes opened to the realisation of the extremely privileged living conditions and schooling we had taken for granted.

When we arrived at our 'shack' (which we loving named it!) we were apprehensive, but determined to embrace the 'back to basics' way of living. It was novel to live without phone reception, and know that the nearest place with Wi-Fi access was a 30 minute drive away! We were surrounded by nature, and the ocean was literally on our doorstep.

After a few days the novelty gave way to reality. We began to realise that we did not have reliable access to water (let alone a hot shower), and that the electricity was sporadic at best. Any down time was spent huddled under a mosquito net!

Through our lead yoga teacher, Edwin Lacayo, we began to learn more about, and meet the community of Ostional, and saw how this more simplistic, and to be honest, harder way of life is the norm in these areas of Nicaragua.

We also visited a local school, Monte Cristo, which was full of happy, energetic children, parents and teachers, but we began to see the daily struggles they face.

One of the rivers en route to the school

Firstly, we learnt that children must walk up to 5 kilometres each way to get to classes. Some of these routes are through rivers which often flood and make their journey dangerous and inaccessible.

The school building is very basic. The books and desks are old and in need to replacing, and there is no kitchen. We also learnt that there is no sanitation or drainage system.

Despite what we had seen we came away reassured that with the help of Edwin, other community leaders, and the parents that conditions at the school were due to improve, with the installation of a toilet and drainage system being a priority. Despite what they were enduring, the community was certainly positive and hopeful.

Very sadly, the week after we left Ostional, Storm Nate hit the area causing terrible damage to the school, homes and farms. The situation is now much worse than when we were there.

With your help we hope to make a difference to this community, and the children and in particular.

Starting from Saturday 13th January 2018 we will be teaching Karma Classes to raise money to improve the living, working and learning conditions of the community of Ostional.

We will be running two Karma Classes each week, as follows:

Grace: 1 Hour Vinyasa flow (details to follow shortly)

Simon: 1 Hour Power yoga - Les Quennevais at 8:30am every Saturday, starting on 13th January 2018

The word Yoga means 'union' and we can't think of a better way of uniting people than through the practice of yoga. The Karma Class is about doing something positive for yourself, which will impact on someone else in a positive way too.

The cost of each class will be £5 per person, and ALL of the proceeds will be directly received by the communities of Ostional and the surrounding areas. Edwin will keep us up to date as to how your money is being put to good use, and we hope that together we can make a real difference.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you there.

Grace & Simon

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