A catalogue of Pilates classes available to rent.

Each class has a different theme and, once purchased, will be available to watch for 24 hours.

The videos available are recorded live Zoom sessions.

Find out more info on how it works here

How it works

We've tried to make it as simple as possible but below is a step by step guide of how to access your workout


1. Once you have chosen which work out you do press the "Rent" button. This will take you through a payment process and ask you to set up an account (we promise we don't do anything else with the info provided!)


2. Once you have made your payment, there are 2 ways that you can access your video over the next 24 hours 

  A) You will receive an email to the address you set the account up with (make sure to check your junk!) This email will have a link to the class that you have purchased and will be available to play straight away. You just have to make sure you are logged into the website on whatever device you want to play the video from. 

 B) Return to the website, make sure you are logged in by checking the top left corner. Head to the On Demand and the video you purchased will have only a play button on it. Press this and get practicing! 


3. If the above two options haven't worked, then we recommend:  

 - Double checking you are definitely logged in to the website. You will be able to tell because the button on the top left corner will either day "Log In" or the username you created when you set up your account. If it's the former, press that button and log in using your details.

- If you are definitely logged in using the same details then double check the payment went through (sometimes PayPal can be a little bit funny!)

- If neither of those options are the case then email hello@gracehurry.com and we will do our best to troubleshoot or offer a full refund.