February 7, 2020

After a story that I posted the other day on Instagram, I had some queries about whether Bridging was OK to do when pregnant, and I thought I better follow it up with my thoughts on pregnancy Pilates in general via a blog post, so here goes! (In reality I've been awake since 4:30am, so thought I better do something useful with my time....)

I have done pre and post natal training with three different schools, two Pilates specific, and one relating to fitness generally. Whilst there were a lot of similar ‘headlines’ within each course content, there were also lots of differences in the advice given, which to me indicates that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to exercise (whether pregnant or not) does not exist. With this in mind, I want to clarify that what I show on Instagram I would not necessarily teach to a client (see the photo above!).

Private Training

I currently only teach pregnancy Pilates in a private setting, so I am able to adapt to how my...

April 9, 2019

‘Retreat’ is such a buzz word at the moment. As someone who has participated in and run retreats, whether it is for a day, and long weekend, or a full week of retreating, I have seen a real spike in interest for this kind of ‘retreat’ holiday.

It got me thinking, ‘what is a retreat, and why do people pay a lot of money to attend them?’

After having a think, I decided that, to me, a retreat is the chance for someone to exchange their day to day life with something that they hope will inspire them, so that when they return to the ‘ordinary’ things seem better than before.

Whether that is to take time to slow down and reflect, to learn something new, to dedicate time to focus on something they really love, to get out of their comfort zone, or possibly offer them the comfort that they are missing. A retreat can be just what someone needs, and maybe sometimes (although I’ve never heard of this!) exactly what they don’t need! My point is, a retrea...

February 19, 2019

I have just returned home after 2 and a half weeks in the most incredible country - Namibia. The wonders of Namibia are worth a separate blog post, but today I wanted to write about how disconnecting from the online world whilst away made me question my presence online and how it might be affecting my mental, and physical health.

For the first time in almost 4 years of posting regularly on Instagram I was forced to stop using the app due to internet connection being very rare, if not non-existent, in the remote places that we were travelling through. At first my husband and I found it novel, and enjoyed not having the distraction, but as the days turned into weeks we realised how much more time we had for each other, and how much time we had wasted staring at a screen.Most importantly it is the people who I’ve met online, and many now in real life too, that make me stick around on Instagram. I cannot pretend that this app hasn’t progressed my car...

December 18, 2017

You hear mixed reviews about yoga in India. I think expectations are very high because it is the 'home' of yoga, and you want it to mean something more than just popping down to your local studio, and get a bit disappointed when you've travelled half way around the plant to be taught by another Westerner who, just like you, is trying to 'find themselves', or something like that! 

Now, having had the chance to be taught by a true Indian yoga guru I will admit that I am still definitively in the 'Western Style Yoga' camp (as our teacher Mr. Gupta called it). I like moving about a lot, I like sweating, and I need big distractions to quieten my mind. 

Having said that, learning about traditional yoga from Mr. Gupta was profound. 

"Yoga is a lifestyle" is a phase I hear bandied around a lot by instructors, on social media and from my own mouth (!) but when you meet someone who is truly committed to that way of life, you know it and that suddenly that ph...

December 18, 2017

My husband and I have been taking the long road home for the past 4 months whilst relocating back to Jersey from Grand Cayman. 

You don't need me to tell you that travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures is inspiring, challenging and even life changing (there are far superior travel bloggers out there who will explain it much better I ever could!), but the sharing of a universal love of movement has been a highlight of our trip.

I was fortunate enough to have been taught by no less than 34 different instructors in 19 different studios across the globe. 

For this blog I have written a few words about each instructor. I apologise as there are a handful of individual names which have escaped me, but the memory of their teaching is absolutely vivid! 

This trip was an education in so many ways, and each country was so different to the next. However, if I look at it from a movement perspective, it is clear to me that  we are no differe...

December 4, 2017

A note from Grace and Simon Hurry

In September 2017 we packed up our lives in Grand Cayman and embarked upon a month long, intensive Ashtanga yoga teacher training programme in Ostional, a remote town in Nicaragua. It was something we had been threatening to do for a while, and we had worked hard to feel ready to take on the physical demands that the course would entail.

The yoga was challenging, but rewarding, and we were very lucky to share the experience with people who are now great friends for life. 

Something we did not expect to gain from a yoga teacher training course was having our eyes opened to the realisation of the extremely privileged living conditions and schooling we had taken for granted.

When we arrived at our 'shack' (which we loving named it!) we were apprehensive, but determined to embrace the 'back to basics' way of living. It was novel to live without phone reception, and know that the nearest place with Wi-Fi access was a 30...

December 30, 2016

My husband, sister and I have a Whatsapp group called faves (aka favourites) so I thought the only way I'd be able to write anything about myself was to get my sister to ask me what my favourite things are (besides the two of them, obviously ;))...here goes!

Favourite Pilates move?

- Tower on the Cadillac because it makes my spine happy!

Favourite yoga move? 

- Twisted triangle because it gives me so much relief in my hamstrings.

Favourite ever ballet dancer? 

- Tamara Rojo because of her artistry and having the most amazing feet in the world.

Favourite movie?

- The Departed.

Favourite song? 

- Anything by Beyonce.

Favourite book? 

- Harry Potter and if I'm being specific, book 4, Goblet of Fire.

Favourite food?

-My mum's pavlova. If you know, you know. 

Favourite city?

- London will always be my first love but New Orleans is a close second. 

Favourite ever holiday?

- Going to Sark, an island in the Channel Islands, with about 400 people living and the only way t...

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