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My Favourites!

My husband, sister and I have a Whatsapp group called faves (aka favourites) so I thought the only way I'd be able to write anything about myself was to get my sister to ask me what my favourite things are (besides the two of them, obviously ;)) goes!

Favourite Pilates move?

- Tower on the Cadillac because it makes my spine happy!

Favourite yoga move?

- Twisted triangle because it gives me so much relief in my hamstrings.

Favourite ever ballet dancer?

- Tamara Rojo because of her artistry and having the most amazing feet in the world.

Favourite movie?

- The Departed.

Favourite song?

- Anything by Beyonce.

Favourite book?

- Harry Potter and if I'm being specific, book 4, Goblet of Fire.

Favourite food?

-My mum's pavlova. If you know, you know.

Favourite city?

- London will always be my first love but New Orleans is a close second.

Favourite ever holiday?

- Going to Sark, an island in the Channel Islands, with about 400 people living and the only way to get around is by bike or horse and cart.

Favourite thing about living in the Cayman Islands?

- Coming from the UK, the obvious one is the weather but really it's the people...and the stingrays!

Favourite thing about going back home?

- Seeing my family and Marks and Spencer's food!

Favourite past time?

- Doing yoga and watching box sets with my husband.

Favourite celebrity?

- Am I allowed to say Beyonce again..?

Favourite clothes shop?

- Alo yoga because I live in my leggings.

Favourite saying?

- I always remember my headmistress at school telling us 'Do what you can with what you have, where you are.' originally said by Theodore Roosevelt.

Favourite person?

- My husband and my sister can argue this one out, so I'll just answer Beyonce again.

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