Covid-19 Pilates Studio Policies

Updated Pilates Policies 

In response to the ever evolving corona virus outbreak, Jenna, Vanessa, and I have updated our studio policies in order to protect our clients, ourselves, and our families as best we can. We must all take responsibility for our own safety and well being and continue to take steps to protect those around us. 

Before attending a class, please ensure that you have read and understood the list below in order to help us keep the studio open! Thank you so much for your co-operation at this uncertain time. 

  • Please regularly review and strictly adhere to the States of Jersey guidance which can be found via this link: https://www.gov.je/health/coronavirus/Pages/index.aspx. Please make sure that you fully understand this guidance and seek advice from the States of Jersey before coming to a class if you do not. This is vitally important in order to try and minimise the impact of Covid-19 and to protect those around you. 


  • Please do not attend your scheduled class should you feel unwell and/or display any of the symptoms connected with Covid-19 (please see the States of Jersey guidance). 


  • Please do not attend your scheduled class if you are required to self-isolate, irrespective of whether you are feeling unwell and/or display any of the symptoms connected with Covid-19 (please see the States of Jersey guidance).


  • If you are in any doubt about whether to attend your scheduled class in light of the impact of Covid-19, please review the States of Jersey guidance, exercise caution, think of others and do not attend. 


  • Please thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water/antibacterial wash before and after entering the studio (at least 20 seconds each time).


  • All communal surfaces (door handles, bannisters, etc) will be cleaned between sessions by the instructor. Due to this, please do not enter the studio until invited to by your instructor, so that they have time to clean and also to minimise close social contact on the stairs between classes.


  • Please thoroughly clean all of the equipment and props that you were using during your session with the spray provided. The cloths are newly laundered for each class.


  • Please note that we will not be offering 'hands on' assists during classes until further notice. 


  • Please bring your own mat if you are attending a mat class.


  • As usual, please wear clean socks for all sessions. Please feel free to wear gloves, masks and other protective clothing, should you wish to. 


  • Please adhere to the 24 hour cancellation policy whereever possible so that we can cancel/consolidate classes if needs be.


  • If you are concerned that your class pass may expire please let us know and we will review this on a case by case basis and extend where necessary for those unable to attend as planned. This also applies should we have to close the studio. 


  • If you have a package with Grace and there are no classes to book due to her upcoming maternity leave, please let her know and she can transfer the credits to Jenna for future use. 

Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time. Our priority is to keep everyone in our Pilates community safe and healthy. We hope that by working together with the policies above that we might be able to continue to deliver Pilates classes and give people an hour of calm!
Grace, Jenna, & Vanessa